There is no better way to spend a summer night than with friends and some throwback summer movies. This weekend, sit back and relax with one of these iconic blockbusters.


Take a trip to Amity Island where the local community is being harassed by a killer shark. The 1975 Spielberg film’s iconic tune still strikes fear into the hearts of many. Still, the movie is one of the greatest summer classics of all time.

Amity Island from Jaws.

Hot Rod

This daredevil classic will have all of your guests rolling. The film follows the failures of stuntman Rod Kimble as he tries to raise money to save his step-father’s life and gain his respect.


The epic adventures of a scrappy backyard baseball team capture the atmosphere of Southern California in the summer of ’62. From stealing kisses from lifeguards to battling the Beast for a signed baseball, this film takes you right back to childhood summers.

Dirty Dancing

This summer flick has no shortage of iconic moments. Have the time of your life watching a young Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey navigate summer romance and family drama.

Poster for Dirty Dancing.


This Kevin Bacon classic will have everyone, including the town of Bomont, on their feet. City-boy Ren McCormack makes it his mission to return dancing and music to the small religious town. This is the perfect summer flick filled with romance, good music and the ineffable teen spirit.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In suburban Chicago, young Ferris Bueller plans an epic skip day. Throughout the day, his lies add up and Ferris finds himself and his friends in some hot water. Ferris ultimately gets away with his truancy and encourages viewers to embrace life.

American Graffiti Mel's Diner.

American Graffiti

Drive right back to Mel’s Diner with this 1972 classic. Fueled by summer romance and street racing, this film offers just the right dose of nostalgia. With a star-studded cast including Richard Dreyfuss and Harrison Ford, this George Lucas film is the perfect choice for a summer movie night.


This survival drama is perfect for a summer night in. Tom Hanks delivers a spectacular performance along with Wilson, his circular and less-vocal friend.

Text by Amy Haupt