As we’re waiting for Captain America: Civil War to hit theaters (and with Deadpool and Batman v. Superman still fresh on the brain), we can’t stop thinking about superheroes. More specifically, we can’t stop thinking about which superheroes would make the best roommates.

It wouldn’t be easy to live with someone always putting themselves at risk to save others (you know who had a worse day? whoever had to stop a moving train before it derailed), but we’re pretty sure that perks (hello, flying?) would make up for it.

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1. Ironman and 2. Batman

batmanWith either Ironman or Batman, you’re not just living with a superhero, you’re also living with a guy that is loaded. Let’s face it, both of these pads are sweet. With Ironman you get the penthouse apartment and latest tech gear, and with Batman you get a full-service Alfred. Unfortunately, there are some Daddy issues on both sides, so if your parents are in town, meet them at the restaurant or keep the tour of your awesome digs short and sweet.

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3. Spiderman

It’s not fun to be the roommate that deals with pests. But no one’s senses are more attuned to bugs than Spiderman’s, so we feel like he’d be on top of all issues cockroach, ant and well, spider. One of the cons? You’re probably going to find more cobwebs in the apartment than you’d like.

4. Superman and 5. Captain America

Captain_AmericaSure, these two would make great roommates  — they are reliable and devoted to justice. But seeing as they are both goody goodies, you can probably count them out for any wild house parties. And cursing? Forget about it. It’s all quiet nights in watching TV and talking about how to better save the world with this pair. Although, thanks to super strength, move-in day would be a piece of cake.

6. Wonder Woman

She’s pretty much the perfect roommate — noble, strong and discreet. (Want someone that would never go near your boyfriend? Winner, winner, chicken dinner with this one.) Plus, when people ask what your roommate does, you actually get to use the words “warrior princess.” If you’re still in school and studying mythology, you won’t need a tutor either, because, well, Wonder Woman lived that.

7. Peter Quill

peter_quillThe best possible superhero roommate is one who doesn’t have any superpowers that could be used against you should, say, someone forget to use a coaster, but that does save the universe from time to time. After all, this Guardian of the Galaxy has all the swagger and wittiness of Chris Pratt.

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