When decorating your apartment, you might tend to neglect the bathrooms. But it’s important to spend time making sure your bathrooms are as welcoming and put together as the rest of your place. Try out some of these ways to spruce up your bathroom and your guests will be in awe of what you’ve done with the space. Just remember to check your lease first to make sure these updates are within its terms! You always want to make sure you keep your landlord happy — and keep your security deposit!

Text by Nicole Anderson

Removable Wallpaper 

This is a big-impact project that you can accomplish in a day. Purchase removable wallpaper online or at a store like Target. After coming up with a theme for your bathroom, just pick a wallpaper that matches. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from. Then, make sure your wall is clean and dry before you apply the decorative paper. Follow the instructions for your specific wallpaper and you have a bathroom with a fresh look. 

Vinyl Floors

Updating the floors of your bathroom can make it look brand new. Find a style that fits your taste and buy some removable floor vinyl. Vinyl can be found in a pattern similar to hardwood floors or tiles. This option for sprucing up your bathroom is cheap and can be done in under 30 minutes. Just measure, cut and lay out your vinyl. After doing this, your bathroom will look like a completely different room. If you move out or change your mind, the vinyl is easily removable. 

Bathroom with double sink and two framed mirrors
Image by nerieau from Pixabay

Framed Mirror

A framed mirror can add a glamorous effect to any room. Creating this effect in your bathroom can make it look like a completely updated space. This decorating task can be done easily by overlaying a wooden frame on your mirror. Pick a color wood that matches your bathroom’s color palette to create a harmonious environment. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a modern way to shape up your bathroom. These shelves are a place to put photos, candles or decorations. Find floating shelves online in any size and color to match your bathroom. You can also use a hanger for baskets and towels. Installing a place to put personal touches in a bathroom can make the room feel as welcoming as the rest of the apartment. 

Wooden wall hanger with towels and hanging basket for bathroom products.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Adding Artwork

Artwork is the simplest way to add a new touch to your bathroom. Hang up some personal photos on the wall. You could even order some custom artwork off of Etsy. There are loads of options to choose from with this idea. If frames don’t suit your style, add metal fixtures or even decorative pots for plants. You are guaranteed to love the results.