Summer can be one of the most relaxing and lazy times of the year. If you’re not taking summer classes, it’s tempting to spend all summer in bed, dragging yourself to the kitchen every now and then for a bag of chips while Netflix keeps asking if you’re still watching. This is a valid way to spend your summer, but it’s important to change up the routine sometimes. The summer doesn’t have to be super productive. But, with these summer activity ideas, it could be fun to be productive in ways you don’t always have time for during the year.

Read Books

Seriously. It’s no secret that with all these digital platforms for watching TV and movies, our attention spans get so low that most of us are never able to pick up a book. Over the summer, you have so much time to improve this attention span and remember how magical it is to get lost in an amazing book.

Organize Your Space

Even if you love clutter (like me), there’s something really relaxing about organizing your room. Turn on some music and make a day of it. And those things you’ve been searching for for years? They’re probably under your bed.


Go to the Gym

You can’t use that excuse of being too busy now. Start going to the gym, and you’ll realize how fun it is once you get going. If you don’t want to go to an actual gym, maybe just start running or walking outside in the morning. That way, you’ll actually be out of bed before noon most days.

Maybe Watch a Couple of Shows After All?

I mean…this is the¬†perfect¬†time for binge-watching.

Go on Adventures

Take a hike on a trail. Go swimming. Try a new restaurant with friends. Road trip with your friends to that place you always talk about. You’ve got three months to discover everything on that wish list you keep ignoring.