Still looking for a New Year’s resolution? Working out is boring. Why not look for ways to live a more adventurous lifestyle instead? “Adventurous” doesn’t have to mean sky-diving or taking two years to travel the world. There are plenty of ways to live a more adventurous lifestyle without risking your life or life savings.

Text by Katherine Polcari

stacked language dictionaries.
Image by Tessa Kavanagh from Pixabay

Learn a New Language

You may not have the time or vacation days to take a trip around the world. While you save up, start learning a new language. Try using an app like Duolingo that gives small, doable language exercises everyday. Even if you learn simple phrases, you’re still broadening your ability to talk to people from around the world.

woman eating authentic thai meal.

Go to Authentic Restaurants

Now that you know a new language, go test it out an authentic restaurant and strike up a conversation with the owners. Maybe it’s time to finally check out that small restaurant that serves traditional Puerto Rican food with a warm, inviting atmosphere. If you want to try a lot of different dishes in one sitting, go to a lunch buffet at an Indian or Chinese restaurant. You can even learn about another culture by simply researching the history or traditions behind the dish that you choose.

people talking at bar.
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Talk to Strangers

One of the best ways to work on your adventurous spirit is meeting new people. They can open your eyes to all sorts of adventures that you’d never think to try on your own. If you don’t know where to start, try joining local groups on Facebook, or scan the internet for meet-and-greets.

open geocahe tub.
Image by Settergren from Pixabay


All you need to make geocaching your fun new hobby is a smart phone. When you open the app, you can see the locations of geocaches, which can be hidden in the city or require a hike to find. Basically, geocaches are small containers with GPS trackers. When you find a container, you can keep whatever is inside as long as you replace it with a small prize. You never know where the app might take you or what you might find.

crowded open mic night.
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Do Things that Frighten You

Ultimately, the best way to lead a more adventurous lifestyle is to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. If you’re scared of heights, go on a roller coaster. If you’re scared of public speaking, go speak at an open mic night. You’ll surprise yourself with how much you enjoy everything that you used to avoid.