If you live alone in an apartment, things that go bump in the night seem a lot scarier than they used to. That’s especially true if you’re spending most of your time at home. The world may be a scary place, but there are ways to be prepared. Here are five ways to feel safer in your apartment.

Text by Kassie Roberts

Row of open gray safety deposit boxes.
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Purchase a Safe

You don’t need to have a lot of money to hide in order to need a safe. Safes can be useful for holding important documents or keeping medication out of reach. There are several things you should consider when purchasing a safe. It’s important to buy a safe that will last you a long time. It’s also better to go bigger than you currently need yet also consider prices wisely. You can also rent a safety deposit box at your bank.

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Keyholders: Should You Share Your Spare?

It’s best to avoid sharing your spare apartment keys unless you’re prepared to change your locks. Although your current romantic partner seems harmless enough, they can turn malicious after a terrible breakup. It’s important to discuss expectations and responsibilities when giving someone a spare key. Here‘s some information about who to trust with your keys. 

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Get a Security System

Burglars are more likely to enter an apartment through a window than a door. Only 17% of U.S. residents have an alarm system, and the chance of burglary increases by 300% without one. Burglars are more likely to see an empty apartment without a security system as an opportunity to steal unnoticed. By the time you’ve come back from your night out, the burglar has been gone for hours. There are plenty of security systems that are not too expensive, such as  SimpliSafe or FrontPoint.

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Strengthen Entrances and Exits

There are a variety of ways to make sure your front door is safe. It’s also crucial to check windows and make sure they are secured. A burglar is more likely to enter through a window or the front door. The sound of glass breaking is also less likely to attract a neighbor’s attention due to sounding like an accident. By adding things such as deadbolts and tempered glass you can reinforce your apartment against robbery. 

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Know Your Neighbors

Neighbors are an excellent resource for apartment renters. Compared to houses, apartments are in much closer proximity to each other. Your neighbor is more likely to notice any loud noises or suspicious behavior occurring around your apartment. By becoming friendly with your neighbors, you can mutually ensure your safety.