Don’t let apartment living keep you from adopting a new best friend! If your lease allows pets, cats can be perfectly comfortable in your rental. And, by following these ways to cat-proof your apartment, you’ll make your landlord more comfortable, too.

Text by Martha Kendall Custard

Kitten in purple litter box.

Disguise the Litter Box

Living in a smaller apartment? You may not have a conveniently empty room to store the litter box. That doesn’t mean you can’t give your cat privacy — and keep with your decorating scheme. If you have to place the litter box in plain sight, consider investing in a disguised litter box. You can place these incognito litter boxes anywhere from your living room to your bathroom. It will be hard for guests to tell the disguised box apart from a regular piece of furniture.  

Cat Playground shelves.

Shelving Makes More Cat Real Estate

Cats habitually bottle up all of their energy. Every now and then, they let loose in the night. If you don’t want your cat jumping from the top shelf of your closet onto your face at 2 a.m., consider a wall-mounted cat playground. All it takes is a few shelves around the apartment to make an epic feline obstacle course. This way, your cat can let out all of their pent-up energy while you sleep peacefully through the night.

Cat drinking from coffee cup.

Spill-Proof Water Bottles

Any cat parent will tell you: avoid open containers at all cost. Your cat will knock them over again and again. And again. Purchasing water bottles with tight-sealing lids is one of the most surprisingly effective ways to cat-proof your apartment. Then, your cat can knock them over without consequence — and without stains that have consequences for your security deposit. You can find reusable spill-proof bottles in stainless steel, plastic and glass. You can even find spill-proof bottles with Brita filters or storage compartments for snacks.

Cat resting in desk cubby.

Cat-Collecting Boxes

When you’re sitting at your desk trying to focus, the last thing you need is your cat stomping all over the keyboard. No matter how many times you place them carefully in your lap or on the ground, they know that the keyboard has stolen your attention and they’ll stop at nothing to get that back. That is, unless there is a box on the table. Who knows what kind of magnetic force pulls the cat right into the box? But we know one thing: it works every time.

Cat Scratching red couch.

Furniture Guards

You worked hard saving enough money for that nice couch. And you’ll be furious if your cat ever uses it as a scratching post. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution: plastic furniture guards. They stick right onto the furniture and make scratching difficult and unpleasant for your cat.