Keeping a desk organized is no easy feat. This is especially true when you’re living in an apartment and space is limited. Things can go from spotless and sparkly to piles of bills, homework and clothes just in one day. So how can you beat disorganization at your desk? These five products can keep you from getting lost underneath all that mess.

1. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a great way to keep organized and decorate a small space. Use them to pin up reminders for upcoming dentist apartments or quotes to inspire you throughout the day. Modern Desk neatly organized against a gray wall.There are hundreds of options to choose from, from cork to chalkboard. You can easily make your own DIY decorations, like this gold confetti design.

2. File Holders

If paper clutter is your number one desk issue, then file holders are a great option. Some are made to sit on the desk. If desk space is limited, you can use this $20 rack from IKEA to hang them on the wall. If your apartment has forbidden you from nailing things to the wall, put some 3M Command Products on the back of a wall rack to create an instant wall file holder. You can even add labels so you know exactly where everything is.

3. Drawer Organizers

Your drawers don’t have to be a mess of scattered paper clips, papers, pins and pencils. You can make drawer organizers cheaply and easily using cereal boxes and decorative paper. There are also plenty of drawer organizers in every price range.

4. Wall/Desk Calendars

A Computer sitting on top of an Organized Desk Space. While a personal planner is always a good idea, it might be beneficial to have a wall/desk calendar too. That way, important dates will always be a glance away. DIY calendars are also super fun to make, like this reusable calendar made out of paint swatches and a picture frame.

5. Charging Station

Tangled cords are not only annoying — they’re also a safety hazard. A charging station helps keep those pesky cords accessible and neat. One easy DIY charging station only requires large binder clips and printable label paper. The guide includes printable labels for just about any electronic device.