Finding a good roommate may seem impossible. There are so many things to consider when living in a small space with a new person. It can sometimes be difficult to cover all of your bases, so here are some tips to help you find the right roommate.


Have Multiple Interviews

We all act a little bit different in interviews than we do in everyday conversation. Keep this in mind while you interview candidates. Set up a couple of interviews in different environments so you can get a better sense of the person you’re interviewing.


Discuss Lifestyle Habits

You need to know if your future roommate likes to party, sleep in or clean regularly. Ask them what they like to do on off days. If you like having your own quiet time, you may not like sharing a space with someone who enjoys spending Saturdays on the couch watching TV.


Ask for References

Anyone can put on a persona during an interview. Ask your potential roommate for a few references, including their last roommate if possible. If you feel like you need to, you can call to see if they were being honest. Also, you can find out if they really live a lifestyle compatible with yours. If you’re going to open up your apartment to this person, they need to be trustworthy.


Take Your Time

Don’t rush into finding a new roommate. If you act too quickly, you might not notice little red flags. Take the time to have a thoughtful interview and follow-up interview. You should also still interview other candidates, even if you think you found the perfect fit. You will have to live (literally) with your decision, so you want to make sure that you give it plenty of thought.


Get Everything in Writing

Make sure that you’re both on the lease once you agree to live together. This way, your landlord is responsible for making sure you both pay rent and other fees. Beyond the legal aspect, you can also write up a new roommate agreement with everything you discussed in your interviews.


Finding a good roommate doesn’t have to be hard. Know what you want out of a roommate and ask clear questions in your interviews to find a person that checks all of those boxes.


Text by Katherine Polcari