There are some faces that only a mother could love. And there are some things that only your mom would say. When you moved out, your mom definitely had a few questions — the kind only a mother could ask.

“What’s that smell?”

Maybe it’s good. Maybe it’s bad. Either way, your new home doesn’t smell familiar to Mom the first time she visits. Maybe it smells like your roommate’s shampoo or maybe it smells like you haven’t taken the garbage out in a week (because you haven’t). Maybe it’s the fact that you went a little over the top with candles. Either way, Mom’s going to ask.

“Do you need groceries?”

Birmingham Apartments mom with groceries.

You can always count on mom to make sure you’re well-fed. Now that you left the house, you can’t see her without expecting a comment about how thin you’ve gotten. But no complaints here — when you’ve recently left home for the first time, free groceries are always a pleasant surprise. Here’s hoping she whips up a home-cooked meal after the Publix run.

“Who are the people in these pictures?”

She’s not trying to be nosy … she just happened to see the picture of you and your cute friend at that concert last month. She’s definitely not trying to figure out when you’re getting married. This is the point where you divert her attention with the family photo you have on your mantle.

“Why was your room in my house never this clean?”birmingham apartments dirty laundry on bed.

It’s a kind of backhanded compliment. She’s impressed by your new-found organization skills (hey, your first home has to at least start off looking presentable), but she is also surprised that there’s not a mountain of unfolded laundry on your bed. Don’t worry, she’ll realize it’s the same old you when you invite her over for the big clean before moving out.

“Do you miss me?”

birmingham apartments mother and daughter.

Different moms say it in different ways, but they’re always wondering if they’re on your mind. However the subject comes up, this is the part where you hug her and tell her “yes.” Even though you’ve been dying to move out for years, there’s nothing quite like coming home to Mom after a rough day.


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