There are many available apartment checklists to ensure you have the necessities for your new apartment. They’re usually broad in order to cover all the essentials. Yet, once you move in, you can find yourself realizing that there are many fun and interesting products you didn’t realize you needed. Here are five things you didn’t know you needed for your apartment.

Text by Kassie Roberts

Girl works on laptop with external hard drive plugged in.
Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Back-Up Computer Hard Drive

I know this one seems a little boring, but it’s definitely important. I truly wish someone had told me about these sooner. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time working on the computer, this one is crucial for you. Using a back-up hard drive will save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Accidents such as spilling water onto your struggling laptop or theft can leave you hopeless in retrieving important documents. Prevent this with a sleek and simple back-up hard drive.

Hamilton Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If you love a good breakfast sandwich but lack the time to put it all together, this one is for you. In four minutes, you have a perfectly cooked and ready-to-go breakfast sandwich in your hands. Worried about a messy cleanup? This appliance is dishwasher safe! I am all about quick and easy food and I’m sure you are too.

Woman meditates on bed in front of curtained window.
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Blackout Curtains

I need complete darkness in order to get a restful night’s sleep. Blackout curtains ensure your room is as dark and cool as a cave. Instead of waking up too early because of a sunbeam disturbing your sleep, you can sleep through the day without even realizing what time it is. It also helps keep your bedroom from heating up during the summertime. These amazing curtains can reduce heat up to 24% and reduce AC costs.

Aluminum Dish Rack

Not all apartments have handy-dandy dishwashers. What most do have are small kitchens with limited counter space. Sometimes it’s easier to let the dishes pile up because it takes too long to wash and dry. By using a dish rack, you can reduce the time washing dishes and increase counter space. There are many different shapes and sizes that can fit into your apartment’s kitchen.

Ingredients for s'mores set up on tabletop.
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S’mores Maker

Some of the things I missed the most when I moved out of my family’s home were enjoying campfires and making s’mores. Then I discovered a s’mores maker. It uses an electric flameless heater and is completely safe to use indoors. Owning a s’mores maker ensures a tasty and fun time for you and your guests.