The summer months will be filled with food, art and music just steps away from your Huntsville apartment. There’s something for everybody this summer as the Rocket City celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing with both art and science. We’re especially excited for these five summer festivals in Huntsville, Alabama.

Text by Annika Bastian

Caterpillar lantern at Chinese lantern festival.

Chinese Lantern Festival: The Wild

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens currently holds its largest display yet. Their Chinese Lantern Festival features over 1,000 lit lanterns shaped like all kinds of wildlife. Guests can purchase tickets online here or at the gates. The festival is on display until May 19, making this event a great way to kick off the summer.

Rocket City Summer Fest

The Rocket City’s celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 with a wide variety of events. Events like car shows, science displays, concerts, and an Apollo Homecoming Dinner start in mid-April. They’ll continue up until the day of the moon landing, July 16. Planned festivities include an attempt at a Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous rocket launches.

Earth seen from lunar surface.

A New Moon Rises: Views from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

The Huntsville Museum of Art will showcase “A New Moon Rises” beginning on May 19. The gallery contains high-resolution photos of the moon’s surface from the past ten years. Part of the city’s events for the Apollo 11 mission, the exhibit runs until August 11th.

Food Truck All Stars 2019

Huntsville’s 2019 Food Truck All Stars season begins in May and will have weekend events every month until October. On Saturdays in Eastern Square, food trucks participate in All Stars: Brunch Edition. On Fridays on Church Street, there will be a dinner edition of Food Truck Rally. Attendance is free, and food trucks will accept cash and card.

Food truck chef hands customers food.

Three Caves Concerts

The Land Trust of North Alabama runs the Three Caves Concerts series. They take place over the summer in a reclaimed limestone quarry managed by the Trust. The 700-person venue remains a cool ~55° all year round, and the quarry’s curved walls provide a sound like a symphony shell. Check out Land Trust of North Alabama’s Facebook page or other social media. There, you’ll find out what acts will perform and when concerts will take place.