Plants are the best decorations for apartments. They even help reduce stress and anxiety! Sadly, though, not all plants are easy to take care of. However, there are plants you can keep alive in an apartment — we promise!

Text by Linda Hunt

Snake Plant

The snake plant has long leaves that stick straight up. They’re good for apartments because they don’t need much to survive. Water your snake plant when the top inch of soil is dry. You can keep this plant in low light if you don’t want it to grow much, or keep it in good light to make it grow faster.

snake plant on patio
Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

Heartleaf Philodendron

The heartleaf philodendron is perfect for apartments because it tells you when it is unhappy. If it gets too much water, then the leaves will start to turn yellow. You can water it when the soil gets dry. Sometimes you’ll have to mist the leaves to keep the plant healthy. The leaves will start to turn brown if they are too dry.


A lithops plant is a succulent that looks like a stone. It needs a deep pot with well-draining soil for its root system. It likes to be in good sunlight with irregular watering. Soak it in water then let it dry out before you water it again. This plant is good for apartments because it’s hard to kill and fits in small spaces.

potted succulents.
Photo by Alan Cabello from Pexels

Air Plant

Air plants are great for apartments because they don’t even need soil or a pot. They just need to be in bright, indirect sunlight. Plus, they can be watered in a variety of ways. You can mist then frequently, soak them for a few hours every week, or dunk them under water a couple times a week.

white peace lily.
Photo by Dids from Pexels

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are beautiful, leafy plants. They’re great for apartments because they’re so easy to take care of. Like the heartleaf philodendron, peace lilies tell you what they need. When they need water, the stems of the plant will droop. When they get too much light, the leaves start to turn yellow. Plus, peace lilies can survive in dark places. However, peace lilies are poisonous for pets, so you shouldn’t have one if you have a cat or dog.