• Get to know your neighbors. Whether you’ve just moved in or lived in the same apartment for years, getting to know your neighbors is a great goal. First of all, it makes your living situation safer if you are aware of who lives around you. Also, you might just find a new friend. Or, better yet, someone with a cute dog they’re willing to let you pet.Meet Neighbors Dog Apartment Resolutions.
  • Make an effort to live green. This is a pretty easy one. Plus, it’s something we should all try to do. No recycling program in your apartment complex? Look into starting one. Also, look for ways to use less plastic and water. Purchase produce from your local farmers market which will support the community and take care of the environment.

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  • Use your kitchen. As easy as it is to grab a meal to go, cooking at home is a great way to save money and eat healthier. Make an effort to cook a nice meal for yourself or for your friends once a week or once a month. As a result, you’ll feel more accomplished. Also, you’ll have learned a new skill. Most of all, you’ll have the joy of leftovers!Use Kitchen Apartment Resolutions.
  • Change up your furniture layout or your decor. Change is hard. But, who knows, maybe switching up your living room layout will open up your apartment space to be used in a new way. And if that’s too much commitment, then at least make an effort to switch up your decor. Maybe try DIYing some new wall decorations or switch the photos in your frames.

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  • Use your complex gym and pool. Let’s be honest — when you signed your lease, you probably bragged to your family and friends about your apartment’s gym and pool. And how many times have you used them since? Exactly. 2018 will become a year of working out and lounging by the pool. Because a) exercising more is already on your resolution list, and b) you pay for these features. So you might as well use them.Use Apartment Gym Resolutions.

In conclusion, 2018 has the potential to be your best year of your life. And we are confident that making these resolutions will cause it to be your best year of apartment living yet. Get out there, meet some neighbors, go to the gym, DIY your heart out; we believe in you. Wishing you a very happy New Year!