Apartment living can come with some serious upkeep rules. A small stain could mean the difference between getting your deposit back or not. We’re here to help with these 5 fantastic and effective low-cost stain removal tips.

Text by Sarah Vice

Woman wearing rubber gloves cleaning a spot on a table surface.

Common Household Items

There’s a chance you’ve got hydrogen peroxide in your home if you’ve ever had an injury or are prepared for one. This wound remedy is perfect for spot cleaning when mixed with Dawn dish detergent. Just pour two parts peroxide into a spray bottle and mix in one part dish detergent et voilà! You have yourself a super-affordable stain remover.

Kitchen Ingredients

Milk and bread are good for more than just eating. They’re also useful in removing tough stains like lipstick or stains on wool. Plus, their cost in comparison to regular stain removers is much lower.

Person using a machine to clean up spill on hardwood floor.


Irons are good for more than pressing clothes. They’re also great for removing hardwood floor stains. Try placing a dry cloth over the stain and move an iron over it without using steam. This method helps reduce the need for replacing certain parts of the floor, which can be expensive.

Baby Stain Remover

It doesn’t matter if you have a kid or not, having a baby stain remover on hand is useful. Moreover, they typically have less harsh chemicals and work well for removing tough stains. Plus, there are some cheaper options that compare to high-priced brands.

Person holding spray bottle and wiping a cloth on carpet.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils make for great stain removers. For example, placing lemon oil on a fabric stain before putting it in a washing machine can help pull the stain out. Besides, you don’t need a fortune to purchase essential oils. There are off-brand containers at chains stores that retail for much less than name-brands.