Sure, chain restaurants can provide consistency and are always sure to have your go-to entrée. But local eateries are the current move for this generation, especially in a growing city like Huntsville, AL. These five local Huntsville restaurants are sure to satisfy all members of the family for the next family dinner.


Slice of pizza being picked upSam and Greg’s Pizzeria/Gelateria

Sam and Greg’s, located in Downtown Huntsville, is a local pizzeria with an array of options for all pizza lovers. They also offer a few “not pizza” options, like a Philly cheese steak or a meatball sub, for that picky family member who doesn’t like pizza. This local restaurant is the perfect stop before a night on the town or a night at the movies.


Bowl of black beans and ricePo Boy Factory

Located in Five Points, Po Boy Factory provides food lovers with a taste of New Orleans in Huntsville (only 463 miles away from the real deal). Guests will find their seafood and Cajun favorites in this warm and friendly atmosphere without having to make a trip to the Big Easy. From étouffée to a seafood platter to jambalaya, you’re sure to satisfy your NOLA craving.


Plate of beef fajitasRosie’s Cantina

Rosie’s Cantina is a Mexican restaurant like no other; with great service and delicious food, this restaurant is a favorite for all locals and tourists. Their variety of fajita dinners and many other favorite dishes are what make this a classic for all. Rosie’s takes your average Tex-Mex meal and adds some extra flavor to make sure you’ll keep coming back.


Table full of brunch foodCity Café Diner

Looking for a place to grab brunch, lunch or even a late dinner? City Café Diner is the place to be. Located right off of Memorial Parkway, City Café Diner is conveniently located for all to enjoy. They provide an array of meals; from their breakfast menu to their dessert menu, everyone is sure to leave satisfied — and full!


Plate of country fried steakBlue Plate Café

Using their mother’s and grandmother’s recipes, Blue Plate Café provides the family with a classic southern meal. Looking for genuine southern hospitality? You’re sure to get it, whether it’s a quick breakfast or a dinner with the family. Whether it’s their variety of breakfast plates or their fried catfish dinner, you’ll feel like you ate a southern meal right at home.


Next time you’re stumped on where the family should go to dinner, consider eating local. Supporting local restaurants is a great way to give back to the community and guarantee a delicious meal.