Although we all feel like we over-prepare when moving into a new apartment, there are always things we miss. When unpacking, you realize there are all kinds of unexpected things you need to make your apartment as cute and convenient as possible. So here’s a little list of five things you didn’t know you needed for your new apartment.

Text by Claire Manasco

utensils hanging on rack.
Photo by Mike from Pexels

Silverware Organizer

Of course it’s easy to remember to pack silverware, but what about that handy little organizer for them? Nobody wants a drawer full of mixed up forks, spoons, and especially knives (yikes). A silverware organizer will keep all your utensils separate and looking neat. You can find them almost anywhere, from Target to Dollar General. An affordable and cute silverware organizer is definitely not top of everyone’s moving list, but will likely save you some headaches later on. You can even hang larger utensils on a space-saving rack.

decorated bookshelf.

Storage Unit

When moving in, all your things are packed tight away in suitcases and boxes. Once it’s all unpacked, you’re definitely going to need somewhere to put those extra books, shoes, skin care products, knick-knacks … You get the idea. Invest in some kind of storage unit, like a bookcase or unit with shelves and baskets. Fun and functional, a storage unit will provide you with a way to stay neat and stylish. You can use it in your apartment as a room divider or for decorative purposes. It’s your apartment, so have fun with it.

red first aid kit.
Image by adexo_medical from Pixabay

First Aid Kit

Hopefully you won’t need it, but be sure to have a first aid kit in your apartment just in case. Keep it basic, with anti-bacterial spray and bandages for those paper cuts. These are totally affordable and easy to find online for about ten dollars. You’ll be glad you have one in case you scrape your knees or hands while moving into your new home (which is likely). Play it safe!

hanging wall decor.
Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

Hanging Strips and Hooks

It’s likely if you put holes in the wall while hanging things, your landlord isn’t going to be very happy. Invest in some damage- free hanging strips and hooks while putting up your pictures and posters. With some hooks, you can even mount paintings and mirrors in your apartment without damaging the walls. Easy to put on and even easier to remove, it’s the best option to personalize your apartment without annoying your landlord.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

A Safe

Safety is top priority when moving into a new place. Consider purchasing a safe or security box to keep your valuables and spare cash in. This will ensure that even if your apartment is broken into, your valued items will be secured. Keeping important items and documents in your safe will also minimize the chance that you will lose them. Having a safe will protect your things and your worries about your things. Safes are available at retail stores like Home Depot and also multiple online outlets.