For the foodie on a budget, an international grocery store is the next best thing to a plane ticket. Most have cafés with meals from their represented locales. They also carry all the things needed to enjoy faraway cuisines at home. Thankfully, there are tons of international grocery stores in Louisville, KY. Here are five that no Louisville apartment resident should miss.

Text by Annika Bastian

Palestenian Karabeej Halab sweet pastries.

Al Watan Bakery

Al Watan Bakery is a small bakery run by an immigrant family. Their story is every bit as amazing as their baked goods. They proudly serve the Muslim people of Louisville with their Halal products and Palestinian pastries. The bakery joins a grocery store also run by the family. The store offers many Middle Eastern foods that partner with the bakery’s sweet and savory goods.

Spicy Asian instant noodles.

Choi’s Asian Food Market

A South Korean couple opened Choi’s Asian Food Market so they could serve their Asian community. Now, they offer fresh fruits, veggies and proteins for Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino dishes. Their many types of instant noodles will provide a fun foray for those not looking to buy produce.

Russian borscht, fish, and bread.

Golden Key Market

Golden Key Market provides Louisville with Russian and Eastern European fare. Their deli offers fresh meat, cheese, and a wide array of fish. Golden Key Market also has a bakery that offers fresh bread. Shoppers can buy any of these stocked goods or home-made Eastern European dishes.

West African chicken jollof rice.

Mors International Grocery

Mors International Grocery gives the flavors of West Africa. This store started as a restaurant, and still offers dishes of West African cuisine. Their store stocks items from Gambia, Senegal, and Ghana. Check out their menu to see what kind of food you can enjoy.

International grocery store in louisville's red wine bottles.

BH International Market

BH International Market imports fine spirits from Southern and Eastern Europe. They offer wine, brandy and beer that the staff will be happy to discuss with eager shoppers. In addition to their beverages, BH Market sells foods and goods from the same countries that source their spirits.