Baby, it’s cold outside. And to that end, no one really wants to leave the house. However, to prevent yourself from going full-on-Jack-Nicholson-in-The-Shining due to boredom and being kept at home, there are apartment communities that have your back. Here are our top picks for inside entertainment this winter:

1. Online Portal/Media Room


Fun indoor activities can be hard to come by, unless you live at The Arbors at Cahaba River. Between a movie theater with stadium seating, an online portal and a media room, there’s plenty to distract you from dropping temps.

2. Clubhouse Library


What makes for an excellent escape from the doldrums of winter? A good book. (Just don’t read “The Shining.” We do not want to end up right back where we started.) Find an adventure, romance or good mystery without having to leave the wonder that is indoor heating. Tapestry Park at Montclair offers a clubhouse library with plenty of reading material and an Internet Cafe if you prefer to read on a screen.

3. Movie Theater


Not a reader? No problem. The Abbey at Inverness has you covered with a community movie theater. Enjoy your favorites on the big screen without ever leaving home.

4. Media Room/Event Space


Sometimes you can’t face a long, cold walk to the bar. In those times, you can bring the bar to you at Station 121. Host a party in the media room/event space, and your guests will have access to a big-screen TV, plenty of seating as well as a bar and kitchen. It’s a great way to have friends over without putting your stuff in peril, and a perfect way to hide out from winter.

5. Gameroom


Think games are just for kids? Think again. Birchall at Ross Bridge has you covered when it comes to indoor activities for adults. Their game room offers flat screen TVs, XBox, Nintendo Wii and a pool table. You’ll be entertained for hours.

Remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so take advantage of those apartment amenities today.