Tennessee is a place where history comes alive — especially in the form of ghosts! If you’re searching for a good scare, the Music City’s singing your spooky song. For great ghost adventures, check out these haunted places in Nashville, TN.

Text by Linda Hunt

The Smith House

The Smith House used to be the Savage House. It was built before the Civil War and has a long history of owners. Some people say that the ghost of one of the former owners, Adelicia, still walks the grounds. If you want to visit, the house is now a restaurant and you can make a reservation to eat there.

Union Station Hotel

The Union Station Hotel used to be a train station during WWII. Legend has it that a woman named Abigail went there to wait for her lover to return from war. When he didn’t show up, she threw herself off the balcony onto the tracks below. Now, she haunts the station, forever waiting for her loved one to return. Spend the night with Abigail by booking a room at the hotel.

Southern Turf Building

This building has been home to many occupants over the years, but one man refuses to leave. After receiving an eviction notice, Ice Johnson committed suicide instead of leaving the building he’d lived in for twenty years. Ice Johnson’s ghost is still seen in the windows of the building. Later, another man known as Skull Schulman was murdered in the basement. People report seeing his ghost around as well.

Photo by d0n mil0 from Pexels

Ryman Auditorium

This theater’s seen many famous country music singers — and a lot of ghosts. People say that the ghost of Hank Williams still hangs out backstage. And the ghost of the auditorium’s owner checks up on the place. Sometimes people see confederate soldiers sitting in the balcony. If you feel like visiting the ghosts, book a tour.

Photo by Cameron Casey from Pexels

Tennessee State Prison

The Tennessee State Prison is one of the most famous — and most famously haunted — places in Nashville. It was built in 1898 and closed in 1992. There were many fires and riots while the prison was open and even an escape attempt. People who have visited the prison report hearing strange noises. Even though the prison’s no longer open for tours, you can still watch this documentary to see the inside.