Let’s be honest: some classic April Fool’s pranks are either horrible or unrealistic. Putting toothpaste in Oreos? That is actual cruelty. Changing the times on your roommate’s phone/laptop/other devices? Unless you have access to their passwords, I can’t imagine how that’s going to work. But fret not, jokesters. That doesn’t mean there’s no point in trying to prank people. Just focus on what makes April Fool’s pranks great: how ridiculous and funny they can be.

Sloth in an astronaut suit.

Memes everywhere

Your roommate opens up the bathroom door in the morning and sees a picture of Nicolas Cage taped on the mirror. In the frame that once held a photo of their mom, there’s a picture of Astronaut Sloth. Their favorite box of cereal is now covered in pictures of a monkey getting a haircut. Then, last but definitely not least, every Spongebob meme from Caveman Spongebob to Savage Patrick is on the front door. Ridiculous? Yes. Will it make everyone laugh? Undoubtedly.


Confetti on the Ceiling Fan Blades

This one kind of explains itself. Your roommate might be mildly annoyed, but come on. Confetti all over your room? That’s awesome.

Flash Mob Prank

You’ll have to get a group involved in this, but that just makes it more fun. Maybe organize it in your college’s student center during lunch time. Choose a great Flash Mob song — “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical is a classic — and make everyone’s day with a hilarious flash mob.

Girl looks disappointed at opened gift.

The Not-So-Fancy Gift

Get the fanciest wrapping paper or shopping bag you can find. Put a box within another box within another box, each one fancier than the next. Your roommate opens it up and expects something really nice … and then finds the ten bucks you owed them from last week. Which they’ll be happy about getting, anyway! Everyone wins.


Two bananas with googly eyes.

Somebody’s Watching Me

The goggly eye bomb: it’s a classic for a reason. Fruits and veggies, canned goods, office supplies, book covers: everything’s fair game for a good pair of googly eyes. If you’re going for a fridge attack and don’t want to waste produce, try edible glue. You can even make it yourself with this recipe.