The temperature drops. Frost covers lawns. At night, the neighborhood twinkles with string lights. This can only mean one thing: Holiday season is upon us. And along with the winter holidays comes a promise of many parties. RSVPed to BYOB? These five winter cocktails will warm up any holiday get-together.

Bubbly White SangriaWhite Holiday Sangria Cocktail.

First, slice an orange and a pear. Next, measure out one cup of fresh cranberries and one cup of cranberry juice. Mix the juices and fruit in a pitcher. Then, add a full bottle of white wine. We suggest Sauvignon Blanc. Stir it up and let it soak in the refrigerator for an hour or two. When you are ready to serve, fill your cup with 1/2 sangria. Then, top it off with cold, slightly dry champagne.


Cranberry BeergaritasHoliday Cranberry Moscow Mule Cocktail.
Combine 12 oz frozen cranberry juice concentrate, 12 oz lemon-lime soda (I used Diet Sierra Mist), 12 oz light beer (I used Coors Light), 12 oz tequila (I used Jose Cuervo Silver) and 1 tablespoon of lime juice in a large pitcher. Next, give it a good stir. While you’ll be tempted to drink this delicious concoction from the pitcher, it’s best served over ice. Finally, garnish with fresh limes and cranberries.


Holiday Cocktails FivePomegranate Moscow Mule
This recipe makes two Moscow Mules. Begin by combining 3 ounces of pomegranate juice, 3 ounces (about 3 shots) of Pearl Pomegranate Vodka. Next, add juice from 1/2 a lime. Then, add 12 ounces of Ginger Beer. Finally, pour the mixture over ice. For a fancy final touch, garnish with pomegranate seeds and lime wedges.

Holiday Coctaiks One

Spiced Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail
Almost all holidays involve champagne, so why not spice up this festive standard with cider? As a start, pour 1-1.5 oz of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider into the bottom of your glass. You can also use apple brandy. Next, fill the glass 2/3 full with cold champagne. Lastly, top the cocktail with fresh apple cider. Add cinnamon sticks for a spicy twist.


Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate
Everybody likes hot chocolate. But your guests will love boozy bourbon hot chocolate! To start, combine one cup of whole milk, one Spiked Holiday Hot Chocolate.teaspoon of cornstarch, and one tablespoon of cocoa powder in a saucepan. Whisk until well-mixed. Then, turn heat on to medium-high. Next, add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and 2 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Stir frequently until it is hot and the chocolate is completely melted. Remove from heat and add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and 1.5-2 oz of bourbon. Alternately, you can try caramel bourbon or whiskey. As a final spin on this sweet treat, top with whipped cream and caramel.

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