Arkansas is brimming with interesting things to do. Whether you prefer strolling through the outdoors, sitting down for a nice meal with drinks, or just drinking in the culture, this town has something for you. Here are five great things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Big Dam Bridge in evening. Big Dam Bridge

This is the longest bridge in the United States intended for bicycler and pedestrian use. The bridge runs through 70,000 acres of parks. Take a day to run as much of this trail as you can. You should also check city calendars every now and then for events that take place on the bridge.


Rock Town DistilleryPart of a distillery.

One special aspect of the Rock Town Distillery is its use of grains from within 125 miles of the distillery. When touring the distillery, you get to watch grain, corn, wheat, and rye get transformed into bourbon, vodka, and gin. At the end of the process, you get to try a sample of finished product. That is, of course, as long as you’re of age.


street food.River Market District

The River Market District was filled with condemned buildings until a revamp began around 1990. Now, it’s overflows with food vendors and thrives with culture. In the center of the River Market, you can find the Ottenheimer Market Hall. Vendors set up stalls here, selling food from all around the world. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a Tuesday or a Saturday, you can also visit the farmers market. There, you can find an abundance of locally sourced food items and more.


The Root                       locally sourced food.

This Little Rock restaurant is extremely famous, but you wouldn’t notice from its modest décor. The Root earned its fame due to its delicious and fresh food. Ingredients are all local—even the ingredients used to make the drinks have been locally sourced. You won’t find food here out of season, but you can count on the fresh and seasonal meals to be delicious every time. The Root mainly serves comfort food, but there are a few dishes sprinkled into the menu from around the world. We recommend you try the Vietnamese Binh Mi sandwich!


Woman looking at art.Arkansas Art Center

The Arkansas Art Center is an important cultural center to the city. It began as a fine arts club in 1914 and became the Arkansas Art Center in 1960. Ever since then, it has been expanding its permanent collection. The collection currently contains works of Degas, Redon, Rembrandt, Picasso, Wyeth, and Paul Signac. The art center prides itself particularly on its vast collection of watercolor and drawings by Signac. The art center also offers a museum school, a restaurant, a children’s theater.

By Martha Kendall Custard