As COVID-19 continues to spread, even your apartment’s gym remains closed. This can be frustrating, as exercise is a crucial way to stay healthy and release stress. Before you lose hope and resign yourself to stress-eating, here are five excellent exercise routines you can do at home for free!

Text by Kassie Roberts

Girl wearing safety goggles carries mop and spray cleaner.
Image by klimkin from Pixabay


You might be thinking: Cleaning? I thought this post was about workout routines. Surprisingly, deep cleaning can be an amazing whole body workout. By adding a few simple steps to more strenuous chores, you can suddenly add an intensive workout to your routine.

Woman wearing headphones dances while looking at phone.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Zumba and Dance

Zumba and dance are extremely popular for a reason: they’re fun. Dance workouts like Zumba incorporate cardio at varying intensities to improve heart health. Youtube has an endless supply of Zumba instructional videos, ranging from beginner to advanced. If Latin music isn’t your favorite, there are many different genres of dance videos that serve the same purpose.

Woman flexes legs in yoga pose.
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Yoga is an excellent way to enhance your flexibility and relieve stress. The benefits of yoga are vast, including improved respiration and heart health. Yoga’s also extremely popular, with many different sites offering yoga routines for free. YouTuber channels like Lululemon‘s are another yoga instruction source, with varying levels to fit your personal needs. 

Young woman smiles while performing Pilates.


Perhaps you love the idea of yoga, but desire a more intense bodybuilding exercise. Pilates is the excellent middle-man in between the two, enhancing flexibility and muscle strength. Pilates focuses on overall core strength and endurance, yet if desired can focus on specific parts of the body. Famous YouTuber blogilates has workouts from strengthening your abdominal muscles to your inner thighs.

Man does push-ups.

Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight workouts focus less on cardio and more on building muscle. The main idea is to use your own bodyweight to your advantage. Instead of relying on gym equipment to provide the appropriate resistance, the weight of your body provides that for you. Youtube is also a great resource of bodyweight workouts like BodyFitbyAmy. HybridAthlete offers a free bodyweight training program called Leave the Gym Behind that gives you a six-week workout routine. Overall, there are tons of ways to stay healthy in the safety of your own home.