Trying to limit your trips to the store during the pandemic? Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you need while shopping. I’ve made four trips in one week in forgetting the essentials. So how can you keep yourself from heading back out for that one thing you forgot (and then heading out again for something else you forgot)? Stock up on those things you never realize you need until you need them. Here are five essentials to keep in your apartment.

Text by Kassie Roberts

Two white ceramic plates in front of a microwave.

Easy-To-Make Foods

I’m no stranger to enjoying a wonderfully cooked meal. Yet I’m also well-versed in exhaustion after a long day and need a simple box of mac n’ cheese or Hamburger Helper. Expecting yourself to cook a meal every day is a tad unrealistic, especially these days. That’s why I find it essential to have simple and easy-to-make food on hand. And that doesn’t have to mean food that isn’t healthy! There are many great frozen vegetables that only require a microwave. 

Pink spray bottle.
Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

Cleaning Products

If you’re a pet owner, you know the importance of spot and stain removers. It seems as if there is always something in need of cleaning. The shower needs to be scrubbed and the counters need to be wiped. There’s nothing more frustrating as starting a deep clean and finding you’ve run out of product in the middle. 

Three bamboo toothbrushes with colorful bristles.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Did you know you’re supposed to replace your toothbrush every 3 months? That’s why buying toothbrushes and toothpaste in bulk can really be beneficial. You should also replace your brush if you ever get sick, or if someone uses it by mistake. It’s crucial in preventing disease and in keeping your smile wide!

Left-handed person holding miniature flashlight in palm.

Flashlights and Batteries

You can never have enough illumination. Sometimes we don’t realize the importance and safety light can bring until we lose it. It’s better to be prepared than to deal with complete darkness for an extended amount of time. Having several flashlights and batteries on hand can prevent dangers such as falling and accidental harm. Or, you could always opt for some candles, which have the added bonus of creating a chill vibe for relaxation.

Spooky indoor Halloween decorations

Seasonal Decor

I know, I know: what’s essential about seasonal decor? Well, everything. Holidays present an especially fun time for our inner decorator. Each season brings new ways to decorate and express our love for the holidays. Decorating for Christmas has been known to improve mood by invoking nostalgia and bringing back memories. And, during this pandemic, what could be better than joyful memories and a decorating project? All the more reason to keep supples on hand to celebrate our favorite holiday in our apartments.