It’s your motivation for getting out of bed, the life source of your mid-day break, your liquid gold. It’s coffee, and you can’t get enough of the warm (or cold), delicious goodness. As a young professional, you enjoy your fair share of Birmingham coffee shops, but it’s time to step up your coffee game at home. Look at these five must-haves that every coffee lover needs.

1. Chemex Starter KitMan pouring coffee.

If you’re a coffee addict, you probably know all about Chemex and pour-overs. You admire this art form of coffee-making, but maybe you’re scared of purchasing all of the supplies. Thankfully, the Chemex Starter Kit from La Colombe holds everything you need. It costs $150, but the package includes a Chemex brewer, filters, a drip scale, an electric kettle and a complimentary bag of coffee.

2. Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Even in October, you’re pouring sweat from the over-bearing Alabama heat. Still, you crave a coffee fix. Check out this easy-to-use cold brew coffee maker that’s only $15.76 on Amazon Prime. To make delicious and cold coffee, simply put the coffee grinds in the nylon filter basket, pour water over the grinds and then let it sit for 12-24 hours in your refrigerator. The container holds 33 fluid ounces, so you’ll have plenty of coffee to get you through the day.

3. Nespresso MilPouring milk into coffee.k Frother

Being the coffee-lover that you are, you probably have a single-cup Keurig to support your caffeine addiction. You make a cup every morning, and you might add some cream and sugar. But what about when you want to get really fancy? With one press of a button, the Nespresso Milk Frother can froth milk for an at-home latte. Skip the line at Starbucks and make your lattes from the comfort of your apartment.

4. Coffee Mug Sweaters

You love curling your fingers around a nice, warm cup of Joe, but sometimes it can be a little too hot to handle. You need an adorable coffee mug sweater. Whether you prefer a simple brown cup cozy or an elaborately knitted owl cozy, the amazing artisans of Etsy offer you many choices. Not only will it keep your hands from burning, it can also fashionably update any plain mug.Woman drinks coffee.

5. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

One of the greatest struggles that accompanies a coffee addiction is finding enough room to store all of your mugs. If you’ve exhausted your cabinet space, follow these helpful instructions and turn a wooden pallet into a coffee cup holder. Or, you can order a pre-made one on Etsy. The pallet coffee cup holder is essentially a shrine to your mug collection, but since they transport the coffee from the machine to your mouth, they deserve it.