Are you a sentimental person? Do you love to print pictures to hang around your apartment? If you’re anything like us, you may struggle with finding ways to make these memories look cute in their apartment. Instead of just putting them in a frame like average Joe, try these ways to hang pictures in apartments.

Text by Jonathan Mendoza

Wood Framing

This DIY project is simple and cheap. Use a wood frame, some wires/string and some nails. Follow these simple steps, and you end with an adorable product that won’t take a lot of wall space. Hang Polaroid pictures or just your average 4 x 6 to show off all your wonderful memories.

polaroid cameras and photos
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Clothespin Line

This simple method may be the cheapest, as it only requires a few nails and some string. However, it’s also the most versatile. This method allows you line up your photos in any shape or format, depending on how you decide to hang the strings. Use some clothespins, all you’re left to do is attach the pictures to the string and you have a nice walk down memory lane.

String Lights

This method is very similar to the clothesline, but “sheds some light” on the subject. Rather than hanging string around your room, hang some string lights. Using some clothespins, hang pictures in between bulbs to make your walk down memory lane a little brighter.

polaroids hang from clothesline
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Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are great to hang pictures up, but most are bland and might not mesh well with your aesthetic. But if you use your favorite fabric and some hot glue, you can transform a bulletin board to match your creativity. After completing this quick and easy DIY project, use thumbtacks to hang all your favorite memories.

polaroids stacked on desk
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Tree Branch

This idea incorporates nature into memory lane. Grab some string and either punch small holes on the top and bottom of your pictures or tape the back of the pictures to the string. After you have your pictures lined up on the string from top to bottom, tie the string around the branch and mount the branch to show off your pictures.