Whether you’re bored or just have a sweet tooth, it’s always fun to try and make a homemade dessert. Can’t go out to buy ingredients? Try baking with what you already have in your apartment! These are five easy recipes for desserts you can make with what’s already in your pantry.

Text by Claire Manasco

White mug with delicious cake baked inside.

Flourless Nutella Mug Cake

For this delicious treat, all you need is a mug, an egg and some Nutella. With some mixing and whisking, you’ll have a delicious flourless cake in a short amount of time. It only takes about four minutes to prepare, but food blogger Kirbie recommends allowing the cake to sit 2-3 hours after baking for the best taste. 

Stack of shortbread cookies tied up with twine.

Buttery Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a fan-favorite, and these tasty treats are really easy to make. The only ingredients are butter, light brown sugar and all-purpose flour. The preparation of these cookies may take a little time, but the end result is well worth the effort.

Stack of walnut fudge candy.

3-Ingredient Fudge

This classic dessert is super chocolatey and the recipe is super simple. Gather semisweet chocolate chips, condensed milk, and butter, and you’ll be well on your way to preparing some wonderful fudge. After a little microwaving and some time in the fridge, your fudge will be ready to eat! Warning: you might want to eat the whole pan in one sitting. If so, we promise not to tell.

One coconut macaroon.

Coconut Macaroons

Need a gluten-free dessert? Try making these coconut macaroons that only take thirty minutes to prepare. All you need are egg whites, shredded coconut and some granulated sugar. With a whisk, pan and ice cream scoop, this coconutty dessert will be quick to make and quick to disappear!

Chocolate coconut cookies piled on a square white plate.

Chocolate Coconut Balls

Similar to an Almond Joy, these chocolatey bites only need three ingredients. All you need are some coconut flakes, condensed milk and semi-sweet chocolate (maybe a little vanilla extract). After preparing them and letting them chill in the freezer, these yummy desserts are good to go.