With so many coffee shops in Chattanooga, it’s never too hard to find a good place to get your caffeine fix. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming to try to pick where to go, so here is a comprehensive list of some local Chattanooga coffee shops that have a good coffee, a relaxed atmosphere and, of course, baked goods.


Stone CupBagel with eggs and bacon.

Located in North Shore, Stone Cup offers a great view of the walking bridge and Aquarium. You can stay in-store to drink your coffee thanks to several seating options including couches, armchairs, bar stools, and an upstairs loft. However, it’s just as fun to take your coffee to go and take a walk on the bridge or visit nearby stores. If you decide to stay in the shop, try one of their sandwiches. You won’t regret it.  


Frothy MonkeyLatte art.

After making its mark in Nashville, The Frothy Monkey has now come to Chattanooga. Whatever craving you have, you kind find it on their menu, which has options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as coffee, tea, wine and beer. There are several items on the menu that are unique to Frothy, like the sparkling raspberry matcha or rosemary honey latte.


Cadence Coffee Company

The three core values of the Cadence Coffee Company are printed on every cup that they use. Those values are coffee, community, and change. On their website, Cadence Coffee Company explains that these values are so important to them because they want to help change Chattanooga for the better. Cadence Coffee Company pairs with local non-profit organization. They also hire people who have experienced hardship. Cadence Coffee Company wants to affect change, while also running a casual, inviting coffee shop that serves a quality product.


Mean Mug CoffeePie with coffee.

Not only is Mean Mug Coffee a locally owned coffee shop, but they also support local roasts, which they sell in-store. Mean Mug offers opportunities for guest roasters to come in and sell their product, too. Additionally, Mean Mug’s menu provides a good variety of foods to fit different diets and please all palates. There are vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options, so that anyone who comes into the store can find something that they like.


The Camp House

Not only is the food and coffee delicious, but The Camp House also has a spacious and beautiful interior. In fact, it’s often used as a venue for weddings and concerts. The Camp House connects Chattanoogans in a unique way: they have a weekly podcast discussing Chattanooga culture. Whether you go for an event, to connect to the city or to get some unbeatable coffee or food, you are sure to find something at The Camp House that you love.


Text by Katherine Polcari