Birmingham boasts one of the best bar scenes in the South. These Birmingham-area breweries will wet any ale lover’s whistle.

Red Hills Brewing Company

Red Hills Brewing Company’s motto is “We take beer seriously. And nothing else.” And they’ve made some seriously good beer. Also, their session beers come in under 5.1% alcohol content. That means you can drink more without the effects hitting you as quickly. They named their trademark beer, the Homewood Heffe, after the location of the brewery. The beer has notes of vanilla and banana with low malt taste and a touch of sweetness.

Birmingham Breweries Barrel

Ghost Train Brewing Company

Founded in downtown Birmingham, the Ghost Train Brewing Company is family-owned business. Ghost Train has made waves in the craft beer scene for a year now. Their selection includes the Switchman’s Stash, an IPA with unparalleled sharpness. Also, their Ghost Train Lager offers a unique spin on the classic American Lager.

Mountain Reserve Brewing Co.

An upstart home brewery, Mountain Reserve Brewing Co. is the newest on the scene. Because of this, they’ve only released a few beers. However, they’re well worth a try. For example, their hoppy pale ale, Sandcastle Magik, casts a spell on the palate. But not to worry, Mountain Reserve Brewing Co. will be coming out with more brilliant brews soon.

The Sour Roombirmingham_breweries_ingredients_480

Though The Sour Room’s an off-shoot of Avondale Brewing Co., its brews stand out on their own. That’s because The Sour Room is a place where the weird and delicious collide. In fact, lovers of funky beers flock to The Sour Room for their unusual fermenting processes and unique flavors. For instance, you can try their Brett beers, crafted with a kind of yeast that creates a funky taste. Or you can try the Tropical Gose, flavored with passion fruit, guava, mango, pineapple, and blood orange. Whichever fun and funky brew you choose, The Sour Room showcases the creative side of craft brews.


Salty Nut Brewery

Though Huntsville’s a trek from Birmingham, a visit to the Salty Nut Brewery is more than worth the drive. The Salty Nut shells out quality craft beers with a sense of humor. Don’t know where to start? Try one of their dark malted Vertical House Black Ale. If lighter brews are for you, try the Unimpeachable Pale Ale, made with peaches and Idaho malt.