If you crave the warmth of the sun and fresh air on your face, we know how you feel. We’ve devised a list just for you of Birmingham neighborhoods that provide your hook-up to all the outdoors has to offer. Whether you’re looking to make your home near outdoor places or just looking for a place to spend the day, here’s our list of Birmingham neighborhoods for the outdoor junkie.

Glen IrisMan hiking.

This historical Birmingham neighborhood possesses the phenomenal Red Mountain Park. In addition to the 15 miles of hiking trails, you also have the chance to do treetop adventure tours. Requiring a reservation in advance, these tours take you zip lining, climbing and rappelling through the park for a wonderful time. If you make your reservation two weeks in advance, they can even accommodate certain disabilities to make the attraction more inclusive for everyone.

The Preserve

Located in Hoover, this neighborhood is the home to Moss Rock Preserve. At Moss Rock Preserve you can hike on their 12 miles of trails, or you can rock climb on the boulders in the park. With various rock formations, all skill levels can enjoy a day climbing at The Preserve. Not into climbing? You still have their impressive array of trails that will give you all the fresh air and exercise you need.


In Avondale, you’ll find the West End Urban Garden and Avondale Park. West End Urban Garden has made it its mission to be a force in “growing food, growing community.” By growing their food they want to combat hunger and poor food choices. To do this, they have created a garden which not only grows food, but teaches others about their ministry and how to grow fresh produce for themselves. So, if you’re searching for something new and outdoorsy to do in Birmingham, try taking a garden class or tour from this force of change. Once you’re done being productive for the day, you can head to Avondale Park to relax. Though they also have places to walk, one of their main summer-time features is their movie nights. You can go and sit in the park while watching a fantastic film, thereby getting you fill of the outdoors while also taking a well-deserved break.

Highland ParkWoman with dog.

True to its name, Highland Park is host to three different parks. Each one is beautiful and because there are so many options, they’re usually not overwhelmingly crowded. The first of the Birmingham parks on the list is Rhodes Park. Here you’re almost guaranteed to see a dog, and it’s rare that there isn’t more than one four-legged friend out with their owner. If Rhodes Park is the place for dogs, Rushton Park is the place for kids. This park has a playground just for your children, and the beautiful atmosphere provides a perfect break from indoor activities. The third and final park is Caldwell Park, and it’s another must-visit if you have a dog. Just as with Rhodes Park, it’s rare that you would go here and not see man’s furry companion running around. This park is also the event destination for the Do Dah Day and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra Summer Series.


In Pelham, Oak Mountain State Park is truly one-of-a-kind. Aside from the 50 miles of hiking, they also have trails for mountain biking. The park provides camp sites for the especially adventurous type. Not all that in to spending the night in a tent? Well, they’ve foreseen that as well and have 10 cabins for those of you that love the outdoors but maybe not enough to sleep in it. If you like the water, you can go swimming, water skiing, fishing or even rent a boat.

All images courtesy of Shutterstock.