Being a vegetarian or vegan in the Magic City can be tough living. Luckily, we’re here to find the best spots to make it all the easier to unearth those meatless gems.

1. SouthsideFalafel.

Alright … so this one might be obvious. With Birmingham’s only all-vegetarian cafe, the Golden Temple, and Makario’s falafel just down the street, Southside has the most meatless options in the city. (And should you live at LaSalle or Dulion, you’re in the perfect locations for a five-minute walk to lunch or dinner.)

2. 280 Corridor

Maybe 280 mostly made the list for Whole Foods, but that’s OK when there’s vegetarian and vegan options as far as the eye can see (Vegan eggs? Mayo? Cheese crackers?) The salad and hot bars make a quick lunch much easier than sifting through menus online. (With Riverside Parc and the Bluffs at Riverview, getting out for groceries or a meal is an easy way to beat the normal 280 traffic.)

3. Second Avenue North

El Barrio boasts a Mexican-influenced menu with a veggie quesadilla and a vegan tostada plate in constant rotation with new seasonal vegetables. Plus, Bamboo has a veggie noodle bowl as well as a number of small plates catering to the plant-eating crowd. The extensive cocktail menu is an added bonus. (Meaning Station 121 residents are near two of the finest vegetarian eateries in Birmingham.)

4. Homewood

Homewood is slowly, but surely, working its way to becoming a new hub for herbivores. With Your Pie’s make your own vegan pizza and Shiki’s tofu and mushroom entrees, Homewood becomes more veg-friendly almost every month! Plus, Sprout & Pour’s juices and smoothies are the perfect refresher for an afternoon out. (Moretti at Vulcan Park is a stone’s throw away from these spots.)

Indian food buffet.

5. Highland Avenue

Highland might not have the most variety to offer vegetarians, but what it does have is two of the better eats in town. (And Pawnee Square is in the middle of it.) Just down the street is Rojo, a gathering spot for locals with a large outdoor patio. For vegetarians, try the black bean burger, and for vegans, sub out cheese and add tofu sausage to any tacos. Taj India’s lunch buffet rewards you with a bang-for-your-buck plethora of hearty Indian (meatless) entrees.

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