Loud music, crowded dance floors, spilled drinks: going out to bars can be exhausting. For those of us who feel like the Golden Girls and like it, bars with bingo are the perfect compromise. So travel down the road and back again to these Birmingham bars with bingo.


Bar 31woman holding winning bingo card.

Every Monday night, Bar 31 hosts “Beer, Bands & Bingo with Little Memphis.” Bar 31 has lots of live music and Southern food to keep the bingo night lively. Be adventurous and try their surprisingly delicious fried chicken liver or gizzard.


Black Market Grill

There are two locations for Black Market Grill, one in Colonnade and one in 5 Points. Both locations have a bingo night every Tuesday. The motto of Black Market Grill is “Fantastic Food, Cold Drinks, and Evil Bartenders.” If you like comic books or punk rock, this is your kind of bingo night.


Tin RoofFriends toasting beer glasses.

Every Wednesday, Tin Roof hosts a bingo night. It’s so popular that they offer big prizes like concert or game tickets. Even if you don’t win the prize, Tin Roof always has live music, so it’s like you got concert tickets either way.


SaturnBingo balls in wheel.

Bingo night at Saturn is always a big event. The bingo nights are 18 and up. Even if you can’t drink, you can still enjoy the atmosphere and compete for prizes. They even have a bingo machine from the 1960s. Check Saturn’s calendar and pencil their next bingo night in your planner.


BAO Bingo

On the first Monday of every month, Birmingham Aids Outreach holds a bingo night. This event itravels across Birmingham and is held at a different businesses every month. By attending this bingo night, you also support an organization that provides free services to over 800 HIV positive Birmingham citizens.


There are so many Birmingham bars with bingo that you’re sure to find a bingo night that fits your schedule. Go out and support local bars and the efforts of BAO. You can even get a prize or two. Now that’s winning.


Text by Katherine Polcari