This particular election cycle has been … interesting. If you’re terrified of the results come November 8, and thinking you might need a new home, we’ve prepared a list of apartment communities safe from the (potential) post-election apocalypse.

birmingham apartments surviving the election crowne on 10th.Crowne on 10th

If you’re looking for a high level of protection from the ongoing riots, Crowne on 10th may be the place for you. This community includes a high gate with coded entry that will ward off raiders and keep traffic at a minimum. Crowne on 10th also has a private entrance to George Ward Park which can be used for an escape route from any dangers.

150 Summit150 Summit Birmingham apartments.

Located on high grounds at the intersection of Highway 280 and 459, 150 Summit provides safety and easy access to escape routes. With The Summit mall located just beneath it, you will also have many options for food and other necessities, such as Trader Joe’s and Belk. The apartment community is also gated adding extra protection against potential threats.

Hawthorne at Lake HeatherHawthorne at Lake Heather Firepit.

Looking to go off the grid? Hawthorne at Lake Heather is removed from society. Here, you can experience a rare peace of mind knowing that the outside world’s dystopia can’t touch you. Canoes are provided for residents to ensure that even an escape via water is possible. Hawthorne at Lake Heather also provides wood-burning fireplaces in select apartments that will keep you warm should we lose power in a nightmare situation.

20 Midtown20 Midtown Birmingham apartments.

For those of you who wish to be in on the action rather than escape it, 20 Midtown will be right in the middle of all the apocalyptic mayhem. Located downtown on 20th street, the large balconies on each apartment provide you with a front row seat to the horror show going on below. Being above Chipotle, Starbucks and, soon, Publix, you’ll find yourself in the perfect location for raiding basic survival needs, like burritos.

Element 26Element 26 Birmingham apartments.

Some may think, “The end is nigh! Time for a drink!” In the heart of Southside, Element 26 apartments are in walking distance to all the best bars of Birmingham. The J. Clyde, Blue Monkey, Dave’s and Marty’s PM are all in close proximity for those who think the end of the world is the perfect excuse to drown out reality. You can’t ask for a better location for partying it up while the world crumbles around you.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.