Living in an apartment with other people is an exciting experience. Living with others also presents those awkward moments of “Did you pay your part of the rent?” and “Neither of us bought toilet paper.” Thanks to these five apps for roommates, you can avoid those worries.


Wallet with cash flowing outVenmo/Cash App

While these are two separate apps, they ultimately provide the same services. These apps are a great way to pay your roommates for various monthly bills without the hassle of cash. Venmo is an app that allows you to pay and request money from friends in a more social way. Cash App allows you to do the same but in a more private way.


SplitwisePerson using a phone to calculate bills

Splitwise takes the hassle out of doing the math when bills need to be split. The app takes all the shared expenses and ensures they get split evenly every time. What’s great about this app is the ability to use it beyond the apartment. It makes splitting the dinner bill a lot less awkward.


Roommates cleaning a kitchenTody

Life gets busy and household chores become less of a priority. Tody eases this problem by taking household chores and prioritizing them for you and your roommates. Tody also tracks your progress so you get that satisfaction of feeling accomplished when you finally decide to clean the bathroom.


HomesliceFriends grocery shopping together

This app takes away those “Hey, it’s your turn to clean the bathroom” conversations. Through Homeslice, not only can you divide household chores, but you can also keep a list of household needs to ease the next grocery trip.


Friends grocery shopping together


Plan on hosting an award show viewing party? With OurGroceries, you and your roommates can create one big shopping list throughout the planning process. This app puts your own individual and the household shopping list in one place.


Living with roommates is something to get used to, but with these simple apps, your everyday life will be a little easier.