So you have a 500 square foot apartment and 200 of those square feet are the kitchen. It may seem like living in a walk-in closet would be easier. With these apartment lifehacks, you’ll be making the most of a small space in no time.

knifes held up by a magnet
Magnetic Stickers

These bad boys are so useful it hurts. Stick your toiletries up above the sink, organize kitchen utensils or just hang some fun art on the wall. If you can attach a magnet to it, then these things can hold it up. Landlord doesn’t allow nails? These magnetic stickers will save space and your deposit. Just be careful not to put anything too heavy on them.

A Pegboard
pegboard holding up tools, similar to your parents perhaps

The pegboard is a classic for a reason. No longer just for your parent’s vaguely organized garage, these boards can hold anything, anywhere. Use them for a jewelry organizer, an accessories holder, or even to store your pots and pans. You can even have one by your home office to organize papers, notes and files. Anything you want to be easily accessible can go on here.

Bungee Cords
several bungee cords

The bungee cord is a great item. You can hold things up, strap soft items to something and keep everything easy to grab and go. Try making a simple coat rack by strapping one across a smooth wooden board and hanging it up. Or use bungee cords to hang your rolling pin and save vital kitchen drawer space. You can even make an easy cord organizer to keep wires in place.

Ice Cube Trays
ice cube tray being filled with coffee

Ice cube trays are great little organizers. If you have a lot of small things like office supplies or jewelry, then they can hold it all. Their slim profile means they can fit in drawers easily. Plus, they’re so cheap you can get tons of them and use them for everything. Try keeping small parts in there, or organize small electronics and their cables. And you can even use them to cook with these simple recipes!

Towel Racks
a towel rack

Towel racks can hold lots of stuff. Pants, blankets, wine bottles, plants or even keys. These racks are great and sturdy. And you can even turn a towel rack into a simple curtain rod. Mount them wherever you want to store things up and out of the way or just within arms reach while working. Be sure to stack as many as you need, or try making one long row. And it doesn’t take a lot of time and money to turn these in to a great apartment accessory. Plus, they’re so light you don’t even have to drill them in to the wall. You can use Command products or a similar mess-free adhesive.

Be sure you’re keeping costs down and making the most out of these items. They’re all great additions to your space and can also help you organize your life. Of course, make sure you aren’t breaking apartment community rules before drilling holes in your wall. If you are, try using hanging strips.

Text by Cameron Sullivan