If you’re like most people, you’ve spent some time wondering about how you would fare in the zombie apocalypse. (No? Just us? Oh well.) As we’ve gathered from watching a bunch of The Walking Dead and that video when two brothers prank their sister after a dental procedure, surviving the zombie apocalypse is all about lines of defense. Here are the communities best-suited to keeping you alive during the dawn of the undead.

Moretti at Vulcan Park


The Moretti might be one of the most zombie-proof apartment communities in the city. Thanks to a large gate surrounding the community, controlled access is your first line of defense. Being dog-friendly, your furry friend can alert you to groaning ghouls before they overrun you. And should you and your neighbors need to make plans for your own defense, it’s easy to gather in the conference room or at the outdoor grill.

Station 121


Built like a fortress, Station 121 offers a 360-view of the entire city so you can always see what’s coming. All of the apartments have balconies for quick escapes, and there is a parking deck for residents, providing easy access to vehicles for supply runs and hasty exits.

Grand Highlands at Mountain Brook


Tucked away in Mountain Brook, Grand Highlands offers insulation from the teeming hordes of the undead sure to overtake downtown. These apartments also come with storage units so you can stock up on food and weapons once the reckoning comes. Plus, your own in-apartment fireplace will keep you warm in winter once the power, and other hallmarks of civilization, fail.

The Bluffs at Riverview


Unlike every other community on this list, The Bluffs at Riverview is hospital-adjacent, and proximity to Grandview, and its supply of antibiotics and gauze, could become a literal life-saver during the zombie apocalypse. The apartments also feature their own alarms to alert you to undead intruders. With all the courts (tennis, basketball, racquetball and volleyball), you have plenty of fenced-off areas to either trap the zombies or escape them and squeeze in a little cardio.



Some people just want to survive the zombie apocalypse, and others want to thrive. Kenley not only offers controlled access to the community, there’s a freaking moat around it (read: lake access out front). This natural barrier can keep the recently deceased at bay for a long time, and without zombies to worry about, you can enjoy every luxury under the sun — including a putting green and spa.