Cleaning can be dreadful, especially when your small apartment is messy. Here are five apartment cleaning tips to tidy up your mess with ease.


Freshly made bed.Always Make Your Bed

We bet you’ve heard this a thousand times before, and that’s for a good reason. Making your bed instantly straightens up the appearance of your room. It makes everything look cleaner, which can make you feel better. This isn’t the only benefit. Making your bed every morning gives you one accomplishment to be proud of, which is an inspiring way to start the day.


Ditch the Clutter

Clutter-free office space.When you’re living in a small space, there isn’t always room for junk. Go through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t use. This is an excellent opportunity for you to donate items you no longer need while opening up space in your apartment. One you’re satisfied with the amount of things in your home, find a place for everything. The easiest way to do this is by putting everything in drawers. If you don’t have enough drawers, consider installing a DIY shelf. Hang hooks for things that can hang. Find a place for everything so that it might stay in that place instead of on your floor.


One-Purpose Walk Through

Clean laundry room.Walk through your entire apartment once looking for any dishes that need to be washed. When you take them to the kitchen, wash them. Then walk through for any clothes lying around. If it’s enough to make a full load, wash it. Do the same for trash, and then once for miscellaneous items that need returning to their homes. This is an easier way to clean up. It doesn’t take as much focus or juggling, which might make cleaning seem more appealing to you in the future.


Shoes OffShoes on shoe rack.

Walking into your apartment with shoes on brings more dirt inside than you might realize. To keep your floors cleaner, try keeping a shoe rack and a welcome mat at your door. The welcome mat will catch the initial grime when you step inside. Then, you can place your shoes on the shoe rack and your floors can remain clean and tidy.


Clean in 10 Minute Bursts at First

Starting to clean is the hardest part. It’s difficult to get into the mindset, especially when you’ve been binging on Netflix and have an episode to get back to. If you’re feeling discouraged, just remember that you can do anything for ten minutes. Try setting a timer to ten minutes. Devote these minutes to accomplishing one cleaning goal, like the dishes. This will get you in the mindset to clean. If it doesn’t inspire more cleaning, you will still have cleaned for ten minutes — and ten minutes is better than no minutes!


By Martha Kendall Custard